• Reviews

  • How do reviews work?

    In a similar way too many review sites online, we allow open and non-censored reviews from customers who have done business with you. These are not edited or adjusted by us (except for removing explicit or offensive words). All reviews must be posted adhering to our review policy.

  • How do I leave a review?

    Simply create an account with us, setup your basic profile and leave an honest and constructive review following the terms of our review policy.

  • I do not agree with a review, what do I do?

    Unfortunately, reviews are subjective and we will not remove or edit a review based on this. We will however investigate and possibly take further action if a review breaches our review policy terms.

  • A find a review very offensive and not constructive, can I complain?

    Absolutely. Please contract us with the name of the supplier and which review it was and we will investigate. We can not guarantee we will act unless it breaches our review terms.

  • Supplier Profile

  • How do I list my company?

    Easy! Simply create an account using the link at the top of this page and complete our simple profile information.

  • How do I upload files?

    Simply select them from your computer or mobile devise in the appropriate area of your profile. There are restrictions on the size and type of file you can upload, so check the information popup next to the upload section for more information.

  • What information can I list?

    Anything that you feel is relevant to your company or your line of business.

  • How do I change my emails settings?

    Simply log into your account, go to your dashboard and choose the option on the menu on the left-hand side. You can update these at any time.

  • About Us

  • Are you owned or managed by a supplier or school?

    No, we are independent and made up of a consortium of individuals who have been in the education and supply industry for many years.

  • Where are you based?

    We are a true modern technology company. We do not have one central ‘head office’ in the traditional business sense. We have specialists and staff spanning across the globe. This allows us to source the best talent, regardless of geographical restrictions.

  • How is your site funded?

    Like many websites, we are funded by suppliers who pay to use our site. This subsidies schools which have no cost incurred.