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From School buildings to schoolbooks, connect and tender to the world’s largest dedicated school supplier network

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From School buildings to schoolbooks, connect and tender to the world’s largest dedicated school supplier network

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All your school needs makes it easier for schools to get the equipment, supplies and services they need. At no cost to schools, we provide all the information you need to locate a reputable company to do business with. We also make it easier to save time and money by letting businesses come to you through our tender system. Simply detail what you need obligation free and review responses from specialist school suppliers upon their submission.

100% free for schools

Save time and money

Are you a School, University, College, Kindy, Academy or Institute? There is no cost to schools for using Our costs are covered by the suppliers, allowing your invaluable budget to be spent where it's needed the most.

Comprehensive Supplier Searches

Select from thousands of specialist school suppliers

We have the largest collection of international suppliers & service providers on the market. Whether seeking out a provider for a new requirement or because you are unhappy with an existing one, you will find a plethora of reputable organizations catering to your needs and operating in your area.

Cut out the middleman

Communicate with suppliers directly

Simply use the contact details on a supplier’s page and speak to them directly (try searching at the top of the page right now!). By cutting out the companies in the middle you also cut out their profit and fees so saving money (and time).

Drag & Drop Tender Management

Fulfill those hard to fill orders

From hard-to-fulfill niche orders to more common everyday items, there are no limits when it comes to our advanced tender technology. Whether it's snow machines in Africa or climbing frames in the Arctic, no matter where your school is or what your needs are, we have the technology to fulfill them.

Supplier Reviews

Have confidence in your purchases

With an open review section, schools are able to leave constructive reviews, both positive or negative, about their experiences with any of the listed suppliers for the world to see. Suppliers are also invited to respond publicly. Use these reviews & ratings to make informed decisions about who you conduct business with in the future.

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Multiple Accounts

Give key staff responsible for running your business accounts and let them create and manage tenders themselves. There is no limit or cost to the number of user accounts at your school. Furthermore, accounts can be permission controlled.

Get Mobile

Why not fulfil your supply needs effortlessly while away from the classroom or office. Our website is fully mobile and tablet-optimized so you can work from anywhere

All Countries Supported

We have no limits. We support all countries for both Schools and Suppliers

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