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Partnering with Quality International Schools and Exceptional Educators to Serve and Enrich Learning Worldwide.

Search Associates facilitates the recruitment of teachers to international schools around the world. Over the last 30 years, we have helped to place more than 40,000 candidates in quality international schools worldwide. Search Associates have assisted teachers, administrators, librarians, counselors, and interns in their search for the perfect fit, and we are the premier recruitment organisation for international schools. Each candidate is assigned to a senior associate, who provides a personal approach tailored to their individual needs. This is either based on the candidate's geographical location, or the fair that the candidate wishes to attend. These associates are available to answer questions, give advice, and make the job search as smooth as possible. Just as importantly, senior associates are keen to provide information to schools about candidates of interest, and assist recruiters in the hiring process. The Search Associates database serves both schools and candidates in their search. For schools it can be navigated based on particular hiring needs, and displays all of the candidate profiles that fit the search terms. These profiles include a wealth of candidate information, ranging from resumes to references. Candidates are able to use the database to find their desired destination, as school information is easily accessible. Our job fairs are held in a number of locations around the world, although many of these have been transferred to an online format due to current travel restrictions. These fairs provide a unique opportunity for schools and candidates to interact in the same setting, and are credited with many of our placements. We attribute our success as an organisation to our decentralised network of associates and our sophisticated database, which is based on years of feedback and a philosophy of constant improvement.




  1. GEMS World Academy (Singapore) says:

    People You Can Trust

    We often refer to the name of an organisation when we talk about business but it is the people within the organisation that really matter. This is why I prefer to work with Search Associates. For more than 15 years I have worked with the Search Associates team members and at every turn I have found them to be incredibly supportive and, most importantly, trustworthy. The recruitment of staff is one of the most significant decisions that a school leadership team makes and this raises the stakes in terms of the demands we place on recruitment organisations. Tried and tested over many years, the staff at Search Associates have been reliable, amenable and willing to go the extra mile in supporting schools. There is a sense of duty shown by the Senior Associates to ensure that the best fit is made with each candidate, which in turn, helps schools to do their best for the students in their care. Search Associates look at the relationships with their member schools in the long term which bodes well for everyone.

    Having recently visited GEMS World Academy in Singapore, I was able to see first hand what an innovative and exciting learning environment this is. Our candidates placed at the school have shared details about a collaborative work environment and a community who fully support the staff and students. We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with GEMS in Singapore for many years to come.
  2. HELP International School says:

    Quality professional service

    Having used Search Associates for many years, I can attest to their reliability in connecting quality teachers with schools. Their candidate vetting process has set the standard for the recruitment industry, while the Search Fairs provide an easy and convenient platform for facilitating meetings between candidates and schools.

    Working with Martin over the past 10 years has been a real pleasure. His astute leadership and ability to create a communal culture of learning enables him to be an extremely successful school leader.
  3. Chatsworth International School says:

    Exceptional Quality and Service

    Search Associates has been our 'go to' for hiring quality, dedicated, experienced international educators since 2011. In fact, Search Associates is the only teacher recruitment agency we use. All of the associates look after their candidates with care and help to place them with schools that are a good match for their skills and experience. Each school, just like each candidate, has a senior associate and a coordinator attached to them in order to ensure their needs are met both inside and outside of the regular recruiting period.

    Over the past 10 years we have placed many teachers at Chatsworth International School. Tyler and his team have built a wonderful environment for both students and teachers and I have no hesitation at all in recommending this as a school of choice for my candidates. I look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.
  4. Alcanta International Collge says:

    A trustable partner

    Nick Kendell and the experienced team of recruiters at Search Associates work with thousands of quality candidates to ensure schools have many options available when they are recruiting. At their disposal, schools have anonymous references, police checks, and detailed information about work history, education, and other necessary information needed to make hiring decisions. I have found search fairs to be well-organized, warm, and very helpful.

    Alcanta College have partnered with Search Associates for over 10 years and much of the success of this partnership has been through the efforts of Bob Darwish. The teachers I have placed at the school have attested to the positive collaborative work environment that exists and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the school for many years to come.

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